Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our 3 year old and our 31 week old

I forgot to put this picture on the August update and I thought I'd better get a pregnancy shot in the mix just in case I don't get caught up before our little girl arrives.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

July and August

We took our family vacation in July.  It was truly a family vacation because J.J.'s parents, siblings, nieces, and nephew were all there with us.  We spent a nice cool week in the beautiful Colorado mountains.  Cool was a fabulous change of pace for me.  I have always been cold natured, but with the pregnancy I took a complete 180 and I've been hot even when it wasn't hot.  Well, July in Texas was hot!  We made the big announcement to J.J.'s family at the end of the trip since they were all together in once place.  I went ahead and called my parents just in case news started spreading and they heard things from someone other than us.  After vacation we had a few days at home then headed to coach's clinic.  J.J. was at classes/meetings during most of the daytime, so Xavier and I just hung out together.  We did too much shopping.  One of the dangers of living in a small town, for me at least, is that when you visit a larger town you feel compelled to squeeze as much shopping into a tiny window of time as possible.  Then we spent another week in our camper, but this time at a Camp Meeting.  Camp Meeting is always hard for me to explain, but it's basically a week of church services throughout the day with lots of visiting/eating in between.  We ran a concession stand in the evenings and helped my parents, who were co-directors, as much as possible.
That brings us to August.  J.J. goes back to work for all practical purposes in August because of football practice.  Thankfully it is not the 10-11 hour long days that fill our fall, but we still had to adjust to a new schedule.  August was fairly quiet.  We finally got to settle into the new house.  Xavier had his third birthday at the end of the month.  We woke him with birthday enthusiasm, but he is not always a rise-and-shine kid, so it took until breakfast for him to match our excitement.  He told me "No more 2!".  It's hard to believe we are now parenting a 3 year old.  Here are some pictures of our summer fun.
Giving Daddy some love

Ice cream everyday? Yes please!

Xavier catching his first fish

The music room at the children's science museum during coach's clinic

Happy 3rd Birthday!1