Thursday, July 29, 2010

Camp and Candy

We have been going like crazy. The church we pastor participates in a Camp Meeting in a nearby town every summer. Everyone who wants can attend and three services a day are held for almost a week. We were asked to run the concession stand and we got permission turn it into an adoption fundraiser. We were so blessed by the outpouring of love, support, and money that came our way. I actually haven't worried about the financial part of adoption (which is huge for me), but I know we will need so much help to make our adoption a reality. So, thanks to all the fabulous people to bought yummy junk food, to my family for working way too many hours, and to God who never ceases to blow away my expectations.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why Baby Cakes?

I know the name for this blog might be strange, so I thought I'd try to explain. I wanted something catchy. I wanted my blog to stand out. I also wanted it to quickly and easily describe the content of the blog. Baby Cakes fills both those goals. I hope to blog about our adoption journey, one aimed to bring our baby home. I also hope to talk about my interest and adventures in making and decorating cupcakes. I've found baking to be relaxing in a strange, busy sort of way. I'll try to post a picture of a cupcake I've made in the past, but since I'm new to blogging it just might not work. I hope to sell some cupcakes eventually to raise money for the adoption. I am by no means a professional and I will be keeping my "day job", but it is fun and maybe it will help along the way. It at least inspired a fun name for the blog, so that's a start.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beginning and Ending

Welcome! Today marks a new step in our adoption adventure. I have decided to blog. I have enjoyed reading so many adoption blogs. It seems to be a fabulous way to chronicle our journey and share with our family and friends. And truly, even if no one else ever reads our blog, it will give me a creative outlet for all the ideas, concerns, frustrations, and joys of life in the pre-parenting stage. Today also brought the end of our home study visits. We were able to have our in-home visit and wrap up all the loose ends needed for the report. Hooray! Let's celebrate today!