Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Re-Finalize Advice

We need to have Xavier's adoption re-finalized soon.  Our agency is changing some of it's post-adoption home visit criteria which basically means if we don't get things done by April 30th we will have to pay for an extra visit from our social worker.  I contacted the pre-paid legal service we use yesterday and they are working on getting a lawyer for us.  Does anyone have any advice??  It seems like a relatively straight forward thing, but I've never used a lawyer and we don't have time to mess things up or hit snags.  Thanks in advance!

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  1. Denise- I am posting on this tomorrow morning! I am doing it myself. I found all the forms on our state's judicial form website along with a pretty user friendly "guide" also listed amongst the forms. I know our clerk of court and she is very nice at telling you exactly what to file. I think it will cost around $200 start to finish. I just couldn't justify spending $2500 to an attorney for something I could do myself. In our state we need to go to a quick hearing and that seems a little daunting, but in some states you file the paperwork and they mail you an order which you apply for the birth certificate with. Piece of cake. The directions were super straight forward as far as what to write and what to attach (adoption decree, birth certificate, etc.) you file it and wait for the Order to proceed or a date in court. (With our domestic adoption the wait time for court was about 2 months...)
    Anyway, feel free to email me if you need any help. I'll know a lot more after I deliver everything tomorrow!