Thursday, October 4, 2012

June: News and Newness

I think the easiest way to do this might be a few big chunks at a time.  Here is the June overview.  We started the month with kids camp for a week and then teen camp the next week.  We actually weren't very involved with the younger kids, but we were co-directors for the teen week.  I taught a music class each morning and led music at the evening services.  J.J. was in charge of the paintball rec station.  In between all that we tried to keep everyone going in the right direction, focused on the right things, and doing the right jobs.  We've been blessed to fill this role for several years.  In the middle of camp I had an appointment that we had to keep low key at the time, but it pretty much changed our world.  I had taken a pregnancy test the week before and got a positive result!  I know! It was pretty much a shock to me too.  We made an appointment to see a doctor to have results confirmed.  We didn't want to wait too long, so we took time off during camp.  We also had to see a new doctor to get in so quickly because my regular doctor was on vacation.  All that aside the news was good.  Yes, I'm pregnant!  We've now made it 23 weeks and things seem to be going as normal as one could hope.  I'll try to fill in the blanks as I go.  We kept the news to ourselves for several more weeks because it was so much to take in and our history with pregnancy wasn't positive.  I was 7 weeks along when during camp when we found out.  After camp we began the process of moving.  Because J.J. is no longer pastoring we had to find a new place to live.  Our house had been provided by the church.  God opened a door and we bought a house from one of his co-workers who was moving.  We really wanted to get everything done before our scheduled vacation in July, so we ended up closing on a Thursday and moving the next day.  We still hadn't made our announcement and I was right in the middle of the yucky, sick-all-the-time stage of pregnancy, so I broke down and took a prescription so I could get through those days with some pretense of normal stomach function.  I was not one of the those people who never felt sick and (Praise the Lord!) I'm not one of those poor people who are sick all 9 months.  I did have a nice ~6 week stretch of nausea, a serious dislike of all smells, and at least once a day vomiting.  Food was not my friend. Thankfully our parents and a good friend pitched in and we got all the big stuff moved in one long day.  We ended up removing an entire window to get our couch out of the house!  I guess several years of comfortable reclining didn't make for good maneuvering through already tight doors.  The window was carefully put back and I think it looks better than when that day began.  So the end of June found us semi-settled in our new house, Xavier adjusting to all that newness, and J.J. and I adjusting to our new news.