Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Incoming and Outgoing

After I made all those phone calls two weeks ago, I got an overnight packet in the mail with all the Dossier part 1 documents but the license. We were thrilled! I teach the Bible study at church on Wednesday nights and I took the Home Study just so we wouldn't be the only ones to witness this momentous occasion. I was hoping to mail a copy of the Home Study to USCIS the next day, but when I read through everything I was concerned about the wording when it came to age of our child. I tried multiple times to find out if my concerns were valid, but no one seemed to know if it was a problem and our case worker was(is) in Russia. Finally today I found out there was nothing wrong with the way they had worded the age request and the license came in the mail!! I would love to say everything will be back in the mail tomorrow on its way to being apostilled and USCIS, but Thursday would be great as well. One more step down!

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