Thursday, November 4, 2010

Paperwork Stress

Who would have known that signing your name and the date over and over would be so stressful. I suppose that really isn't the stressful part. The stressful part is knowing how much time and work has gone into each paper and "what if" you have messed up some little detail and you have to redo something. Every big stack of papers that I put in the mail has caused some emotional upheaval. I think when the Dossier Part 1 papers come back from Austin with their beautiful apostilles (I am calling them beautiful even if they turn out to be boring) I will take a picture of me holding them in front of my fairly flat belly and call it a "paperwork pregnancy" picture. I feel pretty moody as of late. Why not? Of course that stack of papers still has to go in the mail. We are waiting on one document that we hope to pick up in person tomorrow, but it might not be done. I got an email, but I am not sure if I can get everything straight that may or may not be wrong before noon tomorrow. Ughh! I am so glad God is faithful and that He has never made me sign or date anything =).

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