Thursday, December 23, 2010

A little bit here and a little bit there

We have finally started purchasing a few things to get ready for a trip to Russia. We picked up a few stacking cups when we were picking out stocking stuffers for our nieces. I got online and finally ordered carry-on luggage. I had done a ton of research earlier in the year, so I knew exactly which bags I wanted. They came in this week and I am very happy so far, but the real test will be how they handle during a trip. Today JJ had a doctors appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, so we had some shopping time in a town with a much bigger selection of stores. We picked up a photo album so we can leave pictures behind between trips 1 and 2. Just in case you didn't know already it is a pretty bad idea to go shopping two days before Christmas, but we made it. We tried to see if there were more males in the mall than an average day. I would say yes, but maybe I'm biased. The doctor has scheduled JJ for a scope of his knee January 21st. They actually don't know what is wrong. The MRI only shows a bruise on his bone. He torn the ACL in this same knee 13 years ago, so it may be related to that original injury. I hate that he is in pain most of the time, but I also don't want him to have surgery. We are praying he will be healed one way or another. We are also praying for wisdom as we continue to wait in our adoption journey. Wait is a verb, right? I'm trying to stay active. Tomorrow I plan to clean out the room that will become the baby's room. Then we will be a little bit closer to our goal!

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