Sunday, February 20, 2011

Progress in the toddler room

The embarrassing before picture. The room had become a general storage area.

Taped off and ready to paint. JJ still cannot kneel, so I cleaned while he taped. Then I did all the painting. Since we were only doing the bottom half of the walls it was impossible for him to help.

First coat of paint. It took three coats to get good coverage and a clean finish. This color is really electric lime. We are very happy with it. Usually we argue about paint colors, but we agreed on this one quickly.

Daddy shampooing the carpet. This is the end of Saturday's work.

Today we got a little more done. JJ put his crib together.

The end of day two. A painted wall and a crib in place. Yeah!

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  1. Woohoo! I still remember the first time I walked by Landon's room and saw the crib set up- it made me almost cry- it made me realize "this is really happening!" Not back to that dossier! :)