Sunday, April 24, 2011


These pictures are all from the regional capital of Archangelsk. We will return here for our court date. We were in and out of Archangelsk during our trip, but we had one almost full day there and we were able to walk around and see some sights. That day was -20 plus degrees. I don't remember the exact temperature, but it was the coldest I have ever been.
Here we are in front of our hotel. It was a nice hotel and the ladies at the front desk spoke English. We enjoyed our time there. We met/saw several other families at the hotel who were picking up their children.

These are some shots from the inside of the room. We called these the "Lucy and Ricky beds", but they were comfy and clean. I only used that hair dyer once. I gave up on having nice looking hair rather quickly.

I am standing next to a statue of a seal near the river Dvina. We saw several statues, but I wasn't sure what they all commemorated.

JJ insisted on walking out on the frozen river. It was frozen solid and seemed safe but it wasn't my idea of fun.

A view of the shore line. This was a pretty church off in the distance.

Here is an outside view of our hotel. I think we were on the sixth floor.

The moon over the river.

This was the view from our hotel window. We had the exact same room coming and going. So much snow!

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