Saturday, April 16, 2011

Images From Kotlas

I realized I had never shared any pictures from our first trip. We look over them often as they are all we have to remember our time with our son and in his country. We took several pictures, so I thought I would begin with Kotlas, where our little guy lives.

Some playground equipment outside the baby home.

The view from a window in the baby home.

JJ and I right before we met our little guy.

The sign on the outside of the baby home in Kotlas.

These are some photos of the inside of our hotel room. It was not my favorite hotel of all time, but it worked. We only had Russian channels on the TV and we did not have Internet access, but we did have those comfy green chairs and our own tea maker.

This is the plane for our flight to and from Kotlas. Also not my favorite.

Anya lives in Kotlas. She helps our agency with translation at the baby home. She was so sweet and curious. She asked us a ton of questions about our lives and American lifestyle. Her English was beautiful. She teaches foreign literature at a local school.

The airport at Kotlas. Even though Kotlas was a difficult place to stay (it is not exactly a tourist attraction) I can't wait to get back!

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