Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fat, calories, and other things you usually avoid

Thanks everyone for reading and responding to my last post.  I know I didn't specifically ask for advice, but I appreciate those of you who gave it.  We really sat down and looked at the food Xavier was eating and decided he actually might not be getting enough calories/fat in his diet.  It was sort of a foreign thought to us.  We have been working on eating low calorie, low fat food as adults who need to lose/maintain weight and Xavier eats what we eat. So, even though he was eating yogurt, it was non-fat and so on and so on.  Yesterday was our weekly trip to the grocery store and J.J. got to accompany us because he is on Spring Break. Hooray!!  We had to really examine the food we bought.  Believe it or not it is somewhat difficult to find higher fat yet still nutritious foods.  I guess I need to research foods with "good" fat, but I didn't do that before grocery shopping.  We just tried to substitute some of our normal low-fat choices with the more normal fat kind.  Does that make any sense?  So I am going to try to give more attention to Xavier's diet and see how that goes.  He ate a whole Nutella to go snack during church last night, so that is a start.  I am still open to more advice in the weight gain vs keeping healthy foods on the plate issue.  I think they can be compatible if we work at it.  I'll keep you updated on our progress.  Happy eating everyone!


  1. My daughter refuses to drink milk, but loves yogurt. So every morning she gets a Greek yogurt. My fav is dannon's okios, hard to find 'with fat' usually Walmart or Kroger, I seek out the one dollar ones on sale b/c they are pretty pricy. When I do find the 'ttraditional' ones made with whole milk, I buy out the store! They take forever to expire so at any given time I may have 30 yogurts in my fridge. : ) she eats like a horse but am constantly battling the 10% in weight, this keeps her above. She eats them for her afternoon snack too! I should take up stock in these yogurts!

  2. I think the key is to find foods that are easy to transfer to the low fat variety when needed, not to fatten up on "junk" food...like you were saying, healthy fats.

    Besides "baby yogurt" I can only find whole milk yogurt at Whole Foods. They have a coconut whole milk yogurt with 280 calories! Yogurt can be high in sugar, but better sugar from yogurt daily than chocolate cake daily, no?

    Oliver eats what we, but with the addition of butter or an avocado or cream or whole milk.

  3. I'm struggling with the same concerns with Polina. We want her to gain weight but we also want to her to like healthy foods. Here is what she likes to eat...

    Macaroni and Cheese
    Vegetable soup
    Pediasure - Vanilla
    Sunny Delight
    canned veggies
    cereal bars
    frozen yogurt

    That is about it. And if you feed her too much of any of those she quits eating them. Meal time is such a struggle. There are other foods that she may eat but usually only a bite or 2.