Friday, March 2, 2012

Two and a half check-up

Xavier had a well-baby check for 2 1/2.  I'm not sure if that is typical or if we got special treatment because we had a different beginning to our time together as a family.  Either way, I was excited to see how he was progressing.  We don't have any scales in our house and it is difficult to measure a wiggly toddler so I left the measuring to the professionals.  We got in quickly this day. Yeah!  It is usually quite a wait before they even take you back to wait more before you actually see the doctor.  They are not just kidding about the "waiting room".  Xavier enjoyed playing with the new toys in the exam room while we did a little bit of waiting.  He weighed 23 lbs. and they measured him at 35 inches tall.  I think that might have been a tad bit tall, because the paper on the exam table scrunched up under him while they marked his head and heel.  Either way he has really grown in the nine months he has been with us!  Unfortunately he hasn't made as much progress percentage wise.  The doctor wants to see us back in 3 months to see if he is gaining.  If not she will refer us to a pediatrician. (Remember, we live in a small place.  Pediatricians take some travel).  It was not what I wanted to hear.  I really wanted to just dismiss it and I even asked, "Is it possible that he is just going to be small".  But she said we didn't want to ignore this is case it was a sign of something more.  I really don't know how to feel.  One part of me is concerned, but if you want my gut opinion, Xavier is doing remarkably well.  He is growing and changing every day.  He is like a little plant that just needed some love, attention, food, and a new surrounding to grow. That might be an bad analogy because I tend to kill house plants, but you get the idea.  I look back on the approaching months, where we were a year ago, leading up to his adoption and think, "Why did I ever worry about this thing or that thing?".  He is happy, active, talkative, loving, observant, and a great listener.  And he is small.  So for now we will try to keep him eating more bites of healthy things and see where we are in three months.  Right now we are blessed with a little boy only an amazing gracious God could have brought into our lives.  I don't see that changing any time soon.


  1. If it makes you feel any better, Polina is doing awesome as well. She was 2 the end of October and only weighs about 23.5 lbs and is 33.5 inches tall. My doctor does not seem to be concerned as long as she continues to grow.

  2. So happy to hear about his huge gains! ...weight isn't everything (I keep telling myself the same thing...haha...but, I'm not referring to the lack of pounds, :) ) He is in the best hands...the 4 that God had planned for him since conception, and that is enough to ease your worries right there. :)

  3. Small but mighty!

    Eating is Oliver's passion, so I try to balance the fatty stuff with the good stuff to encourage growth and health. Our doctor said we could stop whole milk, but I think we will continue until he is 3, in May.

    His favorite fatty foods are...
    -cream of wheat, I make it with whole milk, some butter, and then throw in some whole milk yogurt to cool it off before he heats it
    -whole milk yogurt...a ton of calories!!
    -smoothies with whole milk yogurt and tons of fruit
    -ice cream!
    -sweet potatoes
    Wait, you didn't ask for ideas...I've got issues with over sharing.