Thursday, September 9, 2010

Any advice on buying luggage?

I have been getting emails frequently from our home study provider this week. The first draft of our report had some errors. She has made all the corrections and sent the second draft back to our agency. Things are happening! Small things, but things none the less. I have been exploring grant options so I can get our applications done as soon as we have the home study finalized.
I have also been shopping around for luggage. I will not let myself even look at baby stuff yet, but I figure luggage is safe. Our luggage came to us as high school graduation gifts. It has served us well, but it simply won't work for multiple international flights. I would love to get a wheeled carry on and a backpack for each of us. Does anyone have any luggage advice?? I read Good Housekeeping every month. I seem unable to keep myself from buying it. I think I am addicted. Anyway, they did testing on carry on luggage during the summer and their advice is probably sound, but I would love some first hand suggestions.

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