Monday, September 27, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray!

We got an email from our agency with the instructions for our Dossier part 1. Dossier!! Then I went to the bank on my plan period to deposit the money from our latest garage sale. I discovered that we had more in savings than I thought. I had forgot to write down a deposit. I think we will have enough for the next round of fees. I was so excited that I tracked JJ down while the kids took a nap to tell him the news. The only down side to this day is that the home study still hasn't arrived in the mail. We got an email two weeks ago from our provider letting us know that the home study was complete from her end. It was going to the agency offices in Dallas to be signed. I know it was complete last Thursday, because I gave up and called our agency. I guess the only question now is how long mail takes to get from Dallas to the Texas panhandle. But at least I have paperwork to keep me busy.

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