Friday, September 3, 2010

Faith, Family & Football

So when I had such a yucky day on Tuesday my husband came home and the first thing he did, after I vented, was pray. Sorry ladies, but I married the best man on the planet! I was able to get in touch with our agency and our report was being sent back to our home study provider that day with notes about the needed revisions. I plan to call her on Tuesday afternoon to see how things are going. It was wonderful to finally get some information. Tonight is the first home football game. I have a new job this season. Well, I actually started at the end of last season, but it wasn't official. I am the filmer (is that even a word?) for all the varsity and jv football games. I get to stand way up high and capture all the aspects of the game for review over and over and over again. Coaches watch oodles of film, so I try to do my best. I actually volunteered for this job because it keeps me from hearing any negative comments from the fans and it allows me to stay quiet without people wondering if I even care about football. Which, in case you were wondering, I do care, I just don't yell. It looks to be a gorgeous evening for football. Go Panthers! (that might have been a yell, but I don't think it counts if it is electronic)

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