Monday, January 10, 2011

Sickness and Snow

Those are the two big things happening at our house. I have been sick since Saturday. I thought it was a bad sinus infection, but I was achy, hot, and just plain miserable. I am feeling a little more normal, but not 100% by any stretch of the imagination. I really need to get better quickly. We fly to Russia a week from today. JJ is not sick, which is a huge blessing. I stayed home from work today. I really did not want to use a sick day, but it seemed like a double standard to require parents to keep kids with fevers home and then go to work when I had a fever. Turns out a bunch of my students are sick as well. We did have a delayed start because of the snow, so JJ got to sleep in. That was good for him. I am not the sweetest person when I am sick. I pretty much told him not to touch me because he was making me uncomfortable. In my defense I couldn't find anyway to sleep because I was so miserable, so I gave up around 4:30am and tried to rest in the living room. Maybe he got some sleep while I was gone. I really wanted to do a test run by packing my suitcase this weekend, but of course that didn't happen. Maybe tomorrow.

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