Sunday, January 2, 2011

What? Next Week!

I was thinking out loud today with JJ as my sounding board, which is pretty normal. He actually told me he has the ninja skill of walking away without being heard while I am still talking, which I did not realize was a ninja skill, but what do I really know about ninjas anyway. This particular conversation involved me trying to decide how best to explain my almost week and a half absence to my class full of three and four year olds. In the middle of expounding on my plan to read a picture book to them that might explain what adoption means I said, "I think I'll read them a story next week?!!?". Are you kidding me? This is so fabulous and overwhelming all at once. Two weeks from tomorrow I will be flying to Moscow.
Speaking of fabulous, we have been blessed beyond words this Christmas season and I know now that we can afford our first trip and most of our second. I cannot express what this means to us and we cannot thank those responsible enough. We also have been blessed by those of you that prayed and continue to pray. Prayer is a gift that cannot be measured. We need it too. I try to keep it together, but I'm really full of so many emotions and plans and unknowns. I don't know how other first time expecting parent feel, but I often feel like my brain is running in twenty directions at once.
Well, back to work tomorrow, so I better get some sleep. Thanks for being another sounding board. I just hope none of you practiced your ninja skills and walked away from the computer. If you did, it is now safe to return. =)

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  1. This is such wonderful news! YEAH!! It really gets me that people have been so generous to us- I know what you mean. Prayers do mean the world, and the financial support just blows me away. God is awesome! Can't wait to read your posts from Moscow in just under 2 weeks! :)