Friday, January 28, 2011

Sleeping, Surgery, and Shopping

We made it home just fine. Our family and friends were very concerned when they heard about the tragedy in Moscow, but we were already out of the country before anything happened. In fact, we were never in that airport. The last leg of our trip was both good and bad. Our flight from Amsterdam to Atlanta was the best flight of the whole trip. I would highly recommend KLM airlines. The plane was comfortable and well equipped. The flight attendants were so helpful and professional. We made it to Atlanta in plenty of time for our last connection. In contrast, the last flight was the most trying. Our flight was delayed. We changed gates three times. I got nauseous for the first time on our trip. I really think it was fatigue. At that point we had been awake since 3:00am (home time) and we had crossed six times zones. I was able to nap briefly on that flight and felt some better. We were able to stay the night in Oklahoma City. I was so grateful we could get a full night's sleep before heading home. We finally made it home, home the next evening just in time to see my closest friend who was visiting her in-law's while her husband finishes boot camp. Yeah! We went back to work the next two days, but it was tough. I was tired and it didn't seem like my brain was cooperating all the time. Then, we were back on the road for JJ's knee surgery. We were blessed that it could be scheduled on a day we already had off work. This was a three-day weekend for the county stock show. Yeah for the county stock show! The surgery went well. JJ had torn his meniscus. The doctor was able to repair his knee. He is currently sleeping soundly thanks to some well deserved pain medicine. I think I might be the worst post surgery caregiver, because I left him resting in the car a few times to find do some quick shopping. He was so sweet and patient with me. If you speak the truth when coming out from anethesia he must really love me. He said, "I love you" more times than I can count. He waited while I got our little guy an outfit. I had bought JJ a new outfit for Christmas in expectation of a new family picture, so I got our little one an outfit to match Daddy. Thank you Father for my two favorite gentlemen.


  1. I thought of you guys immediately the other day, and thought- good- they were already in Amsterdam! Praying you return quickly to your boy! :)...and that your other one heals quickly.

  2. Denise, What an adorable outfit! So glad you're back home safe! Do you know when you might expect your court date? Send me an email when you're going to be in town!!!