Monday, November 7, 2011

"I love you" and other miracles

Our Orphan Sunday event was a success!  It was an emotional day for me.  I had invested some time and prayer and (why can't I stop) worry into this day, but it seemed to go off without any hitches.  We had a good size crowd for something that had never been done before.  The chili and stew was yummy and it was a gorgeous day outside.  Several people had questions for our speaker and she did a fantastic job giving them information about all the services her agency provides.  It was interesting for me to hear about the projects closer to home because we spent our time focused on the international side of things.  That was miracle number one.  Now we are getting so much rain that water has pooled in our backyard and it is running down the edge of the street.  That is miracle number two.  And, after 5 months with us Xavier will now say "I love you".  We've been saying it from day one and we kept hoping he would reply, but some things just take time.  We actually are a little sneaky, but if we whisper "I love you" he will usually whisper back.  Best words ever!!

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