Saturday, November 5, 2011

Orphan Sunday

Tomorrow is National Orphan Sunday.  We have had a small recognition at our church each year, but we decided to try something bigger this year.  I talked to all the other pastors in our community and we have joined together to host a donation lunch and speaker.  We will be serving chili and stew.  Then a representative from one of the agencies that J.J. and I worked with (two agencies work together on the Russia program, one in Dallas and one in Tulsa) will share about their agency's work and adoption in particular.  I actually have no idea how this is going to go over.  We've never done this before, but some year has to be the first annual, right?  I am so excited to share our passion for adoption and orphan care with whomever is willing to come.  So many babies, kids, and teens that need homes.  If you live close enough please join us at the First Baptist Church fellowship hall tomorrow at 12:30pm.  Thanks!

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