Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Contagious Tears

Today was a pretty rough day in Pre-K. We had so many students crying that at one point I thought I might cry too. I think my ability to wait out this home study is wearing thin so I'm on edge. My husband even asked me if I was okay this morning and at that point I wasn't too bad. We haven't heard anything since August 17th. We got an email that day saying the first, and hopefully only, draft was suppose to be at our agency. They were going to proofread the report and, if everything was in order, send it back to our home study provider. She will make all the necessary originals and get one our way. Maybe it is in the mail. I've tried emailing both our home study provider and our agency. Maybe I should just call. I hate to be pushy, but I feel so uninformed. You know what I should do. Pray more and worry less!

1 comment:

  1. They didn't send to you to proofread? They should. Also, it shouldn't take them that long to get it done. We had finished homestudies in our hands 2 weeks from our home visit. Be pushy. They work for you.