Friday, July 8, 2011

The 411 on Sleeping

Inquiring minds want to know and who am I to withhold information from said inquiring minds. Let's see...Day 1 in the hotel in Ark Xavier went to sleep within 10 minutes of being put in the crib. I'm sure that was his routine in the baby home and he was still in shock that day. All the days in Russia we were very strict with his schedule, except days we flew. He had his nap at the scheduled time and he started the bedtime process at the scheduled time. We gave him a bath every night. We did slowly start to change things. We dropped the bed time snack while in Russia. J.J. insisted that letting him sleep with us was good for bonding (he is usually right by the way, which can be frustrating) so he starting laying with J.J. in the mornings after I got up. We also tried laying beside him to get him asleep at nap time. I starting rocking him to sleep. I could not be outdone at this bonding business. We spent 10 days in Russia with Xavier and then came home. He spent the first 2 weeks at home in a pack-n-play in our bedroom. We did not have a baby monitor and we did not want to risk not hearing him wake up. He slept fairly well those 2 weeks. He would usually spend the last few hours of each morning with us in bed or with J.J. in bed. He flops like a fish though and after one long/short night in a hotel on the way home from his check-up in which we had to share a tiny bed I had almost gave up on letting him sleep with us at all. Week 3 we got a baby monitor and moved him into the crib in his room. Oh, he had been taking naps in his room all along. The first night was super smooth and I thought "Yes! This is going to work". The rest of that week was rough! We did all the same things we always had but he was not falling asleep or staying asleep. In retrospect I don't think he was ready to be in that room all alone. Then he got a cough and a runny nose. He would wake himself up coughing. We have now moved him back to the pack-n-play in our room. The last two nights have been much better, even with a late drive home from a baseball game he fell right asleep in the car seat and stayed asleep expect for one coughing fit, but he went right back asleep. Thanks for all the prayers!! That is the best help you can give. We will keep working on his routine to make it the best possible for all of us.

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