Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quirky Thoughts

Just some things I think about. I think I'll list them. Why not?
  1. People often comment that Xavier resembles J.J. or myself in outward appearance and they always act so pleasantly surprised. I suppose that the way he looks is a good thing, but it just never mattered to me. I really didn't care if he looked one bit like us. I suppose maybe very early on, but you really have to examine the way to think about your family and your legacy when you commit to adoption and so I went through all that long ago. What amazes me are the traits he possesses that help him "fit" if you will into our family. He loves cottage cheese. He loves music and is always ready to dance. He smiles when you hand him a book. He hates to brush his teeth. He would be content to spend the majority of his day in water. These things and many others are traits that J.J. and/or I possess. These are the things that pleasantly surprise me.
  2. What is with the publishers of books for babies? I'm totally serious, we have one "shapes" book and it took me awhile to figure out how they got a triangle out of the photograph for triangle. It just must not take much to produce a book for babies these days. I have quickly and happily moved on to mostly children's pictures book. Whew!
  3. Okay, I know I asked for this, but we went from one hard to pronounce name to another. Picking our child's name was this huge dilemma. We had Xavier all picked out, but then we liked Aleksey. At the same time I knew that he would end up being called Alex, so we decided to keep it as his middle name and use Xavier for his first name. I also knew people would pronounce his name X-Zavier, but it has been surprising just how frequently that happens. I usually don't correct them. It just doesn't seem worth it, but so you can all confidently say his name we are pronouncing it Zavier (pretend the x sounds like the beginning of xylophone).
I'm all out of thoughts for tonight. I'm sure more will come to me. Just on a really happy note, Xavier is currently sound asleep in his pack-n-play in a hotel room. I successfully got him completely asleep by 8:40pm even though we are in a brand new place and his dad was gone to a class for coaches. Thank You Jesus! Keep those prayers coming. We are going to get this falling asleep thing figured out.

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