Thursday, July 14, 2011

Showers of Blessings

Things are going well around our house. Xavier's sleeping has improved tremendously since we moved him back into our room. He now sleeps in there at nap time and at bed time. He still takes a long time to fall asleep some nights, but he stays asleep until it is time to get up in the mornings. Praise the Lord! Thanks so much for the prayers. I am feeling much more calm about the situation. We have tried going for a walk while pushing Xavier in the stroller in the evenings, but that did not lessen the time it took him to fall sleep. It was nice for us as a family though. The best approach still seems to be rocking while singing, then rocking while praying and thanks to my great grandma, via my parents, we now have a beautiful old rocking chair that saves my back and keeps me from walking around in circles. We had a nice shower that our friends and local churches hosted last weekend. We got some nice very nice things. In fact J.J. is driving right now to pick up the swing set that was our hostess gift. We have been told it is part of the experience to have the dad put the whole thing together alone. Hmm? We might have to forgo that one. We also got some awesome hand-me-downs from J.J.'s cousin and his wife, including 3 car seats! WhooHoo! Then we picked up a cute storage unit for all the random toys with a gift card from our first baby shower. We are getting this place to feel more like a home for three people all the time. Thanks so much everyone!

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