Thursday, July 7, 2011


Coloring in the coloring book. We also color on the table, on the couch and on the wall. =)

This pool was not very durable and it has already bit the dust, but it was super fun while it lasted!

I caught him reading the book from bedtime this morning. Too cute!

He got the baby powder open when I turned my back to grab a diaper. The room smelled really good after this adventure.

He loves anything with light including this flashlight. I so glad children enjoy simple things!

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  1. Denise, Xavier is such a cutie! I am so sorry he's having sleep issues. I know too well about those. At least Andrei slept all night long (or at least didn;t cry) but he was a no napper for about 2 months. That makes long days for everybody. I'll be praying gor sweet sleep for you guys.