Friday, August 5, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

We are scurrying around like busy ants at our house, but it is a good thing. We are getting ready for community VBS next week. It is our church's year to host so I am directing this year. I am so excited to see what God has in store. So much prayer has gone into this already. J.J. started back to work Monday with the beginning of two-a-days. They start at 6:30am in an almost feeble attempt to beat the heat. He usually gets home around lunch time, but he's running late today. Who knows? We made it through coach's clinic and camp meeting without too many hitches. We were gone for what felt like two straight weeks, but we did come home for a few days in between the two trips. I got to spend some time with my sister and my nieces which was so nice! My poor brother-in-law was working like crazy so we hardly saw him. I hope he gets some rest before classes resume at the college where they teach.
Xavier is keeps doing well. Sometimes he drives me crazy, but I can't stay frustrated with him for long. Who could look at that face and stay angry. I will have to post some new pictures. Despite his light hair, I think he already has surpassed his mother in the tan skin department. We don't think he has gained weight, but he can put away quite a bit of food in one day, so maybe he is growing. We found out he doesn't have any parasites! Yeah! He has his first dentist appointment next week and his first check-up with our family doctor the week after. He is saying so many words. I feel like I should write them down because I'm losing track. For example: water, eye, uh-oh, owie (I have a sore on my leg that he often refers to), baaa (sheep sound), cluck cluck (chicken sound), just to name a few. I think he might be obsessed with dogs. Maybe it is just because he feels like I understand him, but he talks about dogs ALL the time. I'm not kidding, once he woke up when I got him out of the car seat and he managed to say, "D-dog?" before giving back in to sleep. So the big question is does he actually like the dogs now and I think the answer is yes. We worked in the backyard this morning when it was fairly cool and he didn't even fuss when Carson licked him in the face (Sorry Dad). I will try to be more regular about posting, but I make no promises. We are doing just fine though.

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