Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Today was a day for taking tests. The fourth graders, who are our next door neighbors at school, were taking a big state writing test today. In an effort to keep our class quiet and out of their way, we took a walk outside to identify living and nonliving things. This was a lesson that fit better with last week's theme, but we never got it accomplished last week and I really enjoy this lesson, so we made it work today. The students took pictures with our class camera and I made a book we can all "read" for the rest of the school year.
After school JJ and I went to the doctor to get some testing of our own finished. Turns out we did need to update those labs. I really should have anticipated this and just done the re-tests the day of our physical, but I really don't enjoy needles and I wanted to avoid any unnecessary medical expenses. We got our blood drawn and our x-rays done. Our doctor won't be in her office until next Wednesday to redo the paperwork and sign off that we don't have any diseases, so we wait some more. We are still waiting on the background check as well. That made the receptionist at the doctor's office feel much better. She was very apologetic as she explained the doctor's work schedule, but I put her at ease when I told her this wasn't the last document we needed. We are getting closer though. Slowly, but surely.

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