Monday, June 6, 2011

Day Twenty-Eight

Well it is actually only the middle of the day here, but I'm using the Internet access while I can. This morning has been much better. Xavier woke up in a happy mood and he has stayed that way. He seems to be respected our words when we say "No!" better. I know he understand when we say "You want juice?" in Russian and "Where is it?" in Russian. The doctor came early for his Embassy check-up. In fact both boys were still asleep when he called. Xavier is healthy. He is small, but proportionate. The doctor made the cute comment that I'm sure he tells all families about having to keep the girls away when he gets older because of his smile. We asked about the wheezing and coughing. The doctor said mucus/drool is draining back into his throat because he is teething and he doesn't have enough lung strength to cough it up. He said Xavier's lungs sound clear. That was good to hear. I'll share a few recent pictures.

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