Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The List

So many people have asked me what we need but I'm always caught off guard and unprepared for an answer so I am going to attempt a list on the blog. I know Facebook would make more sense, but it would take forever to tag all the appropriate people so I'm just going to send them to our blog for this info. If you have no desire to know what we still need feel free to use your time in other more productive ways than reading this post........
Okay, we now have all the correct people reading so here goes nothing.

Meal Supplies: Bowls, spoons, forks, bibs, sippy cups (we have been using Take-n-Toss so anything similar), table mats for restaurants, mat to go under the high chair
Diaper Supplies: Diapers in size 3 (I currently prefer Pampers and Luvs, but I really don't care yet), wipes, diaper rash cream, baby powder, a travel changing pad (I can't find ours?), Little Swimmers
Bath Time Supplies: A tray or net to corral all the toys for the tub, towels, wash cloths, someone to come fix the drain on our tub. No, seriously could someone come fix it? It has not drained properly in the almost 4 years we have lived here and J.J. and I have just lived with it, but it makes bathing an almost two year old who is convinced if there is water he should still be in the tub much more difficult. It also makes keeping the tub clean so much work because stuff just settles instead of getting sucked down the drain. Anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there. You can't say I'm not giving you a variety of gift options!
Misc. Stuff: Memory card for the camera =), any kind of baby medicine (we just don't have any yet), one of those things that covers the shopping cart, a hands-free carrier (he might outgrow it fast but it would still be nice), picture frames, crib sheets
Toys/Clothing: He really has an abundance of toys and clothing already, but since I know those are the fun things to buy I guess you can get some if you just can't help yourselves. Xavier is currently wearing size 12 months tops and bottoms, but the bottoms have to be all elastic waist or they fall down. I know the temptation is to buy larger sizes as well, but I just don't know how fast he will grow. If we end up with a bunch of 18 month summer clothes they may not do us any good because he might not be big enough to wear them until the weather gets cooler. Just keep that in mind. He actually needs some 12 month clothing that will work better for church and other occasions for dressing up. He is wearing size 5 shoes. He does need socks. If you want to get a toy he loves anything that spins, has wheels, plays music, or involves hitting (hammers, drums, etc). His mother loves books and art supplies. Also just something to keep in mind. =) His father, who probably spends more time playing directly with Xavier and the toys, likes anything sports related and dinosaurs. Once again, lots of options.

I hope that helps. He is doing just fine really. We have our basics covered, but I really appreciate your generosity and willingness to help us as we learn about the incredible amount of stuff children seem to require. Maybe require is not the word, but you know what I mean. Thanks again!

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