Sunday, June 5, 2011

Days Twenty-Six and Twenty-Seven

Sorry about yesterday! We had a long day and we did not have Internet access. We survived our first airplane ride together. It really wasn't that bad. In fact I think Xavier was the best baby on the plane and of course I am not biased. There were a bunch of babies and families on the plane which helped me relax a little. I wasn't the center of the "make your child mind" people's attention. We actually made a friend in line when Xavier dropped his sippy cup and he ended up being our seat mate. That was wonderful because he seemed to care less about the babbling and investigation Xavier did. The plane ride was right in the middle of nap time and we paid for it later. We saw our first real tears at the restaurant that evening. We've seen them several times since then. I think we've gone through the honeymoon phase and moved into the testing phase. It doesn't help that J.J. and I are both worn out and so ready to be out of here. Last night during bath time he kept standing up and then falling down in the tub. Xavier has no aversion to painful things. He has hit his head countless times and only responded once. I didn't want him to get a serious injury so after several warnings I gave up and took him out of the tub. He loves tub time and he was so upset. We've decided to sit in the tub with him tonight. It is really slippery! He cried again big time at bed time, but it really didn't take him long to settle down. I can get so tired playing with him, but as soon as he falls asleep I seem to be wide awake. I stayed up taking a bath and watching random TV. J.J. watched with me. Xavier woke up his more normal cheerful self. We had a nice morning exploring the new breakfast buffet, playing in the room, finding a market close to the hotel. He didn't cry at nap time. We were able to eat a quiet lunch together and relax. Once again he woke up in a good mood, but we were both tired. We played in the room and I decided to let J.J. take over so I could rest. Soon my boys joined me in the bedroom and it became play on the bed time. Then we had a rough spell. Xavier will throw himself down hard! He was flopping all over the bed and it was fine because the bed was soft. Then he did a backwards flop right into J.J. nose. He doesn't hold back so it was a full speed and full strength head fling. I have rarely seen J.J. in such pain. I thought maybe his nose was broken. It seems to be intact, but he might have a black eye. Xavier and I took a walk to let J.J. rest. We talked about being sweet and being careful. It really does scare me how oblivious he is to pain. We came back and played a little more. We decided a hot meal and a change of scenery would does us all some good. Now we are in the restaurant. We all have full bellies and I am hopeful for a less eventful evening. If I don't post everyday from now on don't be surprised. I'm not sure how these last few days will go, but I will try to keep the blog going so I can record our journey, even the not so fun days. P.S. Xavier just tried his first bites of ice cream. He would make this awful face at the cold, but he seemed to love the taste. It was so cute!

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