Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day Twenty-Nine

Wow! Almost thirty days! I hope I recognize my house when I finally see it again. We enjoyed yesterday. Natalia came to get us all yesterday morning for our Embassy appointment. Once again we cut everyone in line. The room was full of other adopting families. It was wonderful to be surrounded by people who spoke English and understood exactly where you were coming from. It was one of the best moments of this experience. The nice lady explained our visa paperwork and what will happen when we get back to the grand ol' USA. We had lunch back in the hotel. Then we all headed off to the zoo. Xavier took a 10 minute power nap in his stroller, but he woke up for most of the zoo. He loved the cats, which is so funny because if you know J.J. you know he has a severe dislike for cats. He "meowed" to each one. He also liked the elephant. I think he would have jumped in the enclosure and given the big Ollie a hug. We showed the zoo who was boss. I think we were there from 2:00 until 6:00. We got our 200 rubles worth. Well, I have a wiggly baby and a unhappy husband on baby duty so I better go.

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