Friday, June 3, 2011

Day Twenty-Five

We all slept well last night. Praise the Lord! Xavier woke up on his own around 7:00am. We read some together. He read his colors book and I read the Bible.

Please excuse my scary "I just got out of the shower hair". It is all the rage here in Russia! Not really, but I've enjoyed styling it each morning anyway. He really seems to like this particular book. Maybe because it has photographs. We got ready and had a nice breakfast together. We played some music this morning. Xavier is so persistent. He is past the stage where you can hide something and he forgets it ever existed. Oh no! He knows you put is somewhere. J.J. would not let him play with his Ipod. It is older and not under warranty anymore. He would give up, so I had to dig out my Ipod so the boys could listen to music together. We modeled our new sweater so Momma could take a picture for Aunt Cheryl. Xavier has figured out the camera means smile. Our camera emits a red light for red eye reduction just before it snaps. It gives him just enough time, with Daddy's superior photographing skills, to cheese for a picture. We got some cute shots today. It was rainy and cold out this afternoon. I went with Dimitri and our friend to get our sons' passports. Once again we cut everyone in line. I feel like the rude American imposing my will on these poor people, but I promise Dimitri made me do it. The lady at the passport office was on the phone to whole time she completed my paperwork and from the tone and speed of her voice I didn't think I wanted to be on the other end of the line. Dimitri watched her very carefully, so even though she was distracted I'm sure everything is correct. Dimitri does an excellent job with paperwork. He knows what he is doing! We had a quiet afternoon. We played a little game of soccer. We walked around the hotel. At supper time we met our friend and his son for a meal at Uno Momento, the pizza place. Xavier was pretty lively in his high chair for the first time. He kept scooting down in the chair and he thought it was pretty funny. He did eat a big bowl of baby cereal mixed with apple juice and a whole jar of pumpkin baby food. Hooray! Our food was tasty as well. We had another nice bath. J.J. fixed his hair in a new style just for pictures. It took him awhile to fall asleep. Just after I put him in the crib the phone rang waking him up! J.J. got round two. Now he's out and we are trying to pack everything again. Tomorrow we get to see how he feels about airplanes.

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