Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day Eight

JJ made us breakfast again today. I tested out the washer and dryer with a load of towels. It took some time with the computer to figure out all the words, but it seems to work just fine. I'm going to try a load of our clothing soon. A new translator came to help us at 10:00am. Her name is Anna. She was very nervous about translating, but she did a wonderful job. We went to the Hermitage, a large art museum in the former winter palace. It was magnificent. The building itself was fantastic and the artwork was very impressive. We spent a long time there wandering through the rooms and looking at all the art. Anna was very well informed and explained the history even the hidden meaning of many of the artworks. Anna took us to a cafe she likes for lunch. They made "pies" which were similar to bierox that we eat at home. They also had fruit pies that were made in almost the same way. They were really yummy! We came back and rested awhile. Anna went home. Then JJ and I headed back out to check out some stores we had seen earlier. We wandered through some bookstores and movie stores but didn't find anything that was just right. We picked up some Carl's Jr for supper and came back to our apartment for an evening of Sherlock Holmes. JJ picked up a ton of old Sherlock Holmes dvds before we left. That is how we spend most of our time in the apartment. I told him I might be humming the theme song in my sleep, but it could be much worse. At least we've never seen them before and they do make me laugh. Here are some pictures from our day.
Outside the Hermitage. It was windy and cool today. It rained last night.
JJ in his favorite room, the armor room complete with horses.
A painting by Monet.
This was the one painting I really wanted to see. It is called The Return of the Prodigal Son by Rembrandt. I learned about it at a ladies retreat earlier this year. It is very impressive and moving in person.
Even the floors were pretty.
The outside of the Hermitage.

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