Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day Six

Here are some pictures from our home away from home.
The living room with JJ hanging out on the couch. It's pretty comfy.
Our bedroom. The curtains actually block most light which is great because it never truly gets dark here.
Our little kitchen. I hope to make some fried chicken here before we leave. We got all the ingredients today.
This is just about the best part, washer and dryer!! I will have to use a translator on the computer to figure out all the words and after seeing the water I'm not sure how our clothes will turn out, but it is absolutely worth a try.
The big tub with jets. I'm still surprised we are paying less than a hotel, but I suppose we are giving up house keeping and someone always available to answer questions.

This morning was quiet. I think our bodies have almost adjusted to the time difference. We went to bed around midnight and woke up around 7:00am. We had a late breakfast in the apartment and we had our own little church service. There is a Russia Orthodox right next door, but is seems to be under renovation and I'm sure there are special rules of ettiquite we would inevitably break if we attended. At 1:00pm we left with Natasha and another family for the Russian Museum. This family has already picked up their daughter. She is 14 years old. She was so cute. The museum was full of works of art all by Russian artists. I wish I knew more Russian history. I felt like much of it was lost on me. It was beautiful though! We ate a late lunch at a Georgian restaurant all together. Then JJ and I came back to the apartment. We needed to make some copies so we headed right back out to a nearby hotel. They let us make copies. Then we went to a grocery store. This store was fairly large and we found everything we needed to cook some meals in the apartment. Now we are resting again. It is actually almost time to get some sleep. Tomorrow we will go out exploring on our own.

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  1. What a luxury to have a dryer!!!! Hopefully your clothes weren't turn out like lumber!!