Friday, May 20, 2011

Day Eleven-Food

Today we spent all but a few hours of the day in our apartment. Our legs have not been very happy with all the walking of the past few days so we decided to take a break. Since it was such a quiet day I thought I'd share about the food we have been eating in Russia. Food it a big source of comfort. When we find food that is familiar it helps us feel more at home. I hope we can share this gift with our son and find out some foods that are familiar to him. We've taken several pictures of food just because it's fun so I thought I'd share some today.

Some fish hanging in an open air market. We saw this on our first day in St. Petersburg.
JJ's Georgian "burrito", a mutton kabob.
My Georgian "chimichanga", a fried bread pocket filled with mutton.
An omelet, toast, hash browns, and apple juice. One of the yummy breakfasts JJ has fixed in the apartment.
A hot quesadilla. We ordered this as an appetizer at Pizza Hut.
Burger, fries, and a Pepsi. JJ made this meal for us too. Oh, and Heinz ketchup in a squeeze packet.
Nachos and salsa at the "Mexican" restaurant. These chips reminded us of Doritoes and they were not free snacks before the meal. That idea in food service does not seem to exist here. We've even paid for ketchup at some places.
The beef fajitas at the Mexican restaurant.
We've ate many more meals, but we didn't always have the camera ready. One of my favorites was the cafe with the traditional "pies". I hope we can go back there next week. I'll try to take the camera this time. Now go out and eat some American food for me! A juicy steak with Dr. Pepper would probably be the best choice. =)

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