Monday, May 23, 2011

Day Fourteen

We slept in today. JJ got up first and made us a wonderful breakfast of hash browns, ham, cheese and onion omelets, and toast with jelly. Yum! Oh and I forgot to say that he washed the dishes the other day. I'm pretty glad I've had him around for 8 years. Tomorrow is our anniversary. I think we are going to try to find a bowling alley. JJ spent some time looking it up online today. We had a quiet day today though. After our yummy breakfast we just rested in the apartment. We watched some Sherlock Holmes. We found out a tornado had hit Joplin, MO. My sister and brother-in-law live in a nearby town. My cousin and his wife live in Joplin. We went to Bible college near there, so we have many friends. It was a horrible surprise. It seems that everyone we know personally is all right. We have been checking Facebook frequently and I called my parents via Skype this morning. The amount of devastation is difficult to imagine. I feel pretty helpless being on the opposite side of the world, but I couldn't have done much from home either. We are praying and that is best thing we can do anyway. We went back to the restaurant with the traditional "pies" for lunch. It is my favorite of our whole trip. We walked around the Cathedral of the Spilled Blood on our way. It is a beautiful place. A man let JJ hold a monkey in hopes of getting money when we wanted a picture. Sorry. We always seem to disappoint the salesmen around here. We did go to a souvenir shop to get our friend a matryoshka for her daughter. We found this shop on accident early in our stay and it seems to have the best selection and prices. They speak English well and they even label some things with the price in dollars and rubles. We came back to the apartment to catch some friends on Skype to discuss some details on a youth camp we are involved with. JJ was hungry. He didn't eat much for lunch. We headed back out and tried the KFC. Yep, KFC in Russia. It was actually really good. I usually don't eat KFC at home because the closest one to our home seems really unclean, but I enjoyed some well seasoned fried chicken today and I didn't even have to cook it myself. We watched Ramona & Beezus and now it's time to get some sleep. I'll share a few photos from our day.

One view of the Cathedral of the Spilled Blood
The yummy pies at my new favorite place to eat.

The monkey guy before he handed JJ the monkey. This was my free photograph.

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