Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Second Trip Day 1. Or is it Day 2?

We are in Moscow. We left Oklahoma City this morning at 5:30am Central time. We had a layover in Detroit and another in New York before making the long flight to Moscow. It is now 1:00pm-ish in Moscow, but it is Wednesday here. Well, I suppose it is Wednesday at home too. Ugh! I am tired. So I guess this counts as two days of our trip technically. We have one more flight today that leaves at 3:00pm, but I know when we finally get to our hotel I will only want to sleep. Today we have had smooth travels. I felt much more relaxed knowing we had our passports and some money in hand. My checked bag made it under the weight limit by 1 pound. Whew! We have our little guy's ticket for the return trip home. We have all our in-country flights settled. We slept very little, but we each napped at different points during the day. I actually feel better than I did at this point of trip #1, but I am super tired. The plan for tomorrow is to get prepared for our court hearing. Dimtri met us at the airport and helped us get all our in-country travel finalized. He was not sure what time our court hearing will take place on Friday. I guess we will find out tomorrow. Oh, my sister asked me so I guess I'll pass on the info to everyone. We are waiting on some finances from our bank. They hadn't approved our line of credit when we left the country. Until that happens we are short some money. I guess I am past the point of asking, so if you want to help fill in this gap my mom is handling all our finances while we are gone. She can take care of any donations/gifts. We did get word that we were approved for a grant/fundraiser, but it is too late to help us now. We will get it all organized after we come home. We hope everyone is well. Lots of love from Russia.

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