Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day Seventeen-St. Isaac's Cathedral and Peter & Paul Fortress

St. Isaac's Cathedral

Anna said this brass chandelier weighs around three tons.

This is a rare stained glass window in an Orthodox cathedral. It was a gift.
Many of the paintings on the ceiling were changed into glass mosaics. The climate in St. Petersburg caused the original paintings to decay too quickly. Anna said an outline was made on plaster and then pieces of plaster were removed as each piece of glass was put in place.
The citizens of St. Petersburg grew cabbage in front of the cathedral during the siege of WWII. They painted the golden dome gray so it wouldn't be as obvious to enemy bombers. Many works of art were preserved in the cathedral.

Anna and I as matryoshka. Anna was a big help to us during our stay in St. Petersburg. She wants to illustrate children's books and she made some beautiful paintings for our little guys room. I wasn't as creative in our gift, but we did find, "The Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle, one of my favorite illustrators, to give her in return.
The entrance to the Peter & Paul Fortress
A spire atop the cathedral. This cathedral is the burial place for all the Russian emperors.

The "gate of death" where prisoners were taken out of the fortress to the place of execution.

There was an exhibit on torture in the Middle Ages. I did not feel compelled to spend any money exploring that display, but it did make for a funny photo op.
Sometimes things are a little confused during translation.
What a typical prison cell would have been like in the fortress. I gathered that most of the men and women imprisoned here were political prisoners waiting for trials.
The almost empty pitcher of house lemonade at a nice pizza place where we all ate lunch.
Tiramisu! Yum!!
The giant "tortilla" we used to make super in the apartment. It was an attempt at tacos, but it ended up more like cheese quesadillas because the meat seasoning was not so bueno.
And so we some to end of another day here. I hope your day was equally nice.

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